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Is Fusion The Future or Fantasy? Richard Pearson, Shutaro Takeda of Kyoto Fusioneering on Fusion and Why Japan Is Uniquely Positioned to Lead The Industry

Welcome to another episode of The Coral Capital Podcast, a show about startups, technology, and venture capital with a focus on Japan and Asia.

In this episode, we chat with Richard Pearson, Chief Innovator & UK Director and Shutaro Takeda, Chief Strategist at Kyoto Fusioneering (a Coral Capital portfolio company). Kyoto Fusioneering is a nuclear fusion startup founded in 2019.

Their business model is unique in that they develop and sell key components and technologies for fusion power plants to other companies focused on building the reactors themselves. Since they are selling the “picks & shovels” to those mining for fusion gold, they are able to generate revenue much earlier than other fusion startups.

Japan is uniquely positioned for this industry due to the fact that it has a wide-range of manufacturing and nuclear engineering expertise, as well as companies that can assemble equipment to cater to the needs of the global fusion industry.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is fusion is why it is the holy grail of clean energy
  • Why nuclear fusion has yet to be commercialized
  • How Kyoto Fusioneering is the Levi Strauss of the fusion industry
  • The Japanese manufacturing companies that are behind the nuclear power industry
  • Kyoto Fusioneering’s integrated testing facility for fusion power plants
  • Advice for deep-tech founders aiming to build a global business

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